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Chuck's History

Who Am I ?

chuck.jpg I'm the guy who wanted to be a fighter pilot and succeeded . I became what I wanted to be. I traveled the world, going places I could not have imagined, under circumstances I could not have foretold. I have " smelled the Elephant, seen the Tiger and heard the Owl."

Compared to my fellow graduates, those great Captains of Industry: Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs, my achievements have been small.

I have no banners to unfurl or axes to grind.

I am satisfied that I did my best to protect my "fellow Americans" and have left the world a slightly better place than I found it.

Born in Toledo, OH. Raised in Ft. Wayne, IN. Graduated high school June '60.

Graduated AF Academy June '64. Pilot training at Laughlin, TX. '64-'65.

F-4 RTU MacDill, FL. June '66. F-4C/D Triple Nickel, 8TFW, Ubon, Thailand July '66-Jan '67. One MIG-21.

F-4D 7th TFS Spangdahlem, Germany 'til late '68.

F-4D 8TFS Bitburg, Germany '69. F-4E 525 ASS, Bulldogs, Bitburg, Germany May '71.

T-37, T-38, F-5A,B&E Chief of flight test, Williams, AZ '71-'74.

F-4E refresher training George, CA 'til June '75.

F-4E 7 TFS Kunsan, Korea. '75-'76.

Maintenance officer school, Scott, IL '76.

Maintenance officer, Nellis, NV '76-'79.

Chief quality control and test pilot Holloman NM, AT-38B fighter lead in instructor, Holloman NM, '79-'81

ALO, Detachment 5 commander,7th Infantry Division, Ft. Ord, CA 'til retirement, July 1985.

I got my civilian pilot ratings including CFI and CFII in 1991; then started my own flight school in 1992, CCFlyers at Marina Municipal Airport. In August of 2005 I had to surrender my license because I could no longer pass the physical (too many parts removed/replaced).

I'm now totally retired and enjoying it.

I do, however have a few war stories.

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