Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Howard Jeffrey Cohen

Howie 's Brief History

After graduation I attended pilot training AT Williams Air Force Base. Assigned to the 8th Squadron of the 62MAW at McChord AFB (Affectionately known as McFog AFB), I reported in December 1965. I first flew C124s and then transitioned to C141s. Our flying was primarily to SEA but I also flew missions to Alaska, the Aleutians, and Europe. By the time I separated from the Air Force in October 1969, I had more than 3600 Hours of flying. For a while I had the most time of any pilot in the Air Force in the C141.

After separating I went to work as a pilot for United Airlines. Fifteen months later I found myself on furlough. That furlough would last for six and one half years. During that time I worked as a manager for NY Telephone, got an MBA, flew for eastern Airlines (13 months and then furloughed!!!), did retirement planning for John Hancock Insurance, and became a rep for Bausch & Lomb Soflens Division. I returned to United in September 1977. Through the next 25 years I flew the B737, DC8, B727, B767, B777, and B747-400. I retired as a B747-400 Captain. In the process I accumulated another 23,000 plus hours of flying, saw most of the world, and worked as an FAA designated Line Check Airmen on the B767 and B777. In addition to flying I started a custom computer programming and consulting company.

On the personal level, I married Penny my wife of 44 years in 1967. We had two children, a daughter Eden in 1968 and a son Steven in 1971. Eden is in communications. Steve became a lawyer for The Walt Disney Company. He was on a rapid promotion career becoming Vice President of Business Affairs for Buena Vista Television (part of Disney) when he suddenly died in January 2005. His daughter, our only grandchild at the present, was born the following June.
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