Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Lou's History

I came to the Air Force Academy in June of 1960 from the Pittsburgh area of Pa. After graduation my most notable assignment was as a civil engineering officer in Thailand.

There I was first assigned to lead the construction effort at Ubon Royar Thai Air Force Base. Then I was BobHope.png reassigned to Nakhom Phanom RTAFB to complete its construction. We installed the airfield, facilities, and ordinance containment for a high priority project. This was Sec. of Def. McNamara's electronic wall that was supposed to stop all infiltration of the North Viet Namese over the Ho Chi Minh trail. We completed the construction on schedule, the plan was executed but the VC were not detered by the increased losses imposed by the "wall". While on this assignment I met and spent some time in December of '67 with Bob Hope and Raquel Welch, and I did receive a Bronze Stacr in connection with this tour of duty.

I resigned my commission and went to work for Continental Can in 1968 in the Pittsburgh area. I went on to work for Ball in Denver in 1972, where I met and married my wife, Linda in 1973. I became a plant manager in 1972. We moved to Los Angles in '74, where I attended Pepperdine University receiving an MBA in 1978. Our daughter, Laurie, was born in 1980. I then became a division president for Ball in Chicago in '86 and then a division president for US Can. Our son, Louis was born in 1990.

In 2000, I put together a group and purchased a metal closure division from US Can. I set this unit up as an independent company and acquired two other competitors. I introduced and patented some new products. Then rolled these units into one company and sold it to a European packaging company. ComadenaFamily2009.png I am now retired in Chicago where my daughter, Laurie, after graduating from Indiana U. now works downtown as an account executive for Leo Burnett Advertising and was married two years ago to a wonderful guy named Matt Edwards. My son, Louis, attends college in Skokie, and my wife, Linda bakes cakes and gives parties. I golf, play gin, and still follow the Steelers, Penguins, and yes, even the woeful Pirates.
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