Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Phil's History

OK, a tale from an Okie. I was actually born in Wichita, Kansas on April 24, 1942. Dad said, "My gosh, it's a kidney bean with a beak." We moved to Oklahoma when I was just starting school. I was a good student, fairly good three sport athlete, sang in the choir, and was active in my church group. Fairly geeky, I suppose but in love with airplanes from the start.

My grandmother Glenn sent me a newspaper article from the Wichita Eagle about the Academy opening and said I should set my sights on going there. So I forsook my chance to be a Sooner and joined the gathering of Falcons. I graduated from high school in 1960 and headed for USAFA.

Twentieth Squadron became home for the next 4 years and a grand experience it was. To be a part of such a great group of young men, sharing the ups and occasional downs was incomparable. Through playing baseball, my teammate/roommate Fredo renamed me “Roadrunner,” a moniker that remains to this day. While Paul taught me to smoke a pipe briefly, Bevo taught us all EE and Mech. Here is a snapshot of me and my 20th Squadron buds getting ready to depart on our long-awaited Zone of the Interior (ZI) Field Trip in June 1961. That's me right in the middle, mugging it up for the camera.

We then moved on to pilot training at Vance AFB in Enid, OK, a return to the Soonerland and the Match of my life, Randye, a union celebrating 46 years, four daughters, and four grandkids. We then moved on to Westover AFB, MA and a four-year stint in SAC's B-52. I picked up a few Air Medals and served in SEA from 1967 to 1969. I salute those of you classmates that did so much there and especially those who gave "the last full measure.” It is very humbling to have been associated with these men.

In October 1969, I left the Air Force for Delta Air Lines and a 32 1/2 year career. It too was a very rewarding experience filled with relationships to great people and aviators. An abundance of talent and an certain espirit made the time literally fly and suddenly my retirement flight from London was over. I had a small but rewarding part of bringing the MD-11 to the line at Delta, and got to retouch the "squadron atmosphere" as Chief Instructor and Line Check Airman at the end of that career.

We retired to the beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida, though I still thrill at returning the to windy plains of Soonerland. Life became a little more challenging when pensions were shattered by Delta's financial demise, but we were rescued by a new opportunity at Boeing. I am now a part of the 787 effort and will travel far and wide instructing in the simulator.

I can only thank the Lord for such a great life, family, friends, and Classmates. A salute and heartfelt thanks to all!

Phil “Roadrunner” Glenn
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