Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Gone But Not Forgotten

Roy C. Good passed away as a result of a heart attack on March 30, 2017 in Kyle TX.

Roy was born in South Bend IN to Dick and Flora Good. From an early age, Roy was fascinated with all things aviation,
and he joined the Civil Air Patrol when he was old enough. He set his course in life to fly and that passion
was constant through the rest of his life. He had an appointment to attend the US Naval Academy in 1958,
but turned it down to pursue an appointment to the then-new US Air Force Academy. That path took an indirect
route and he attended Purdue University, then enlisted in the Air Force, attended prep school, and then
entered the Air Force Academy with the Class of 1964 on 27 June 1960. While in Colorado, he met and married
Beatrice Patton and they began their lives together as an Air Force Family.

Kevin Scott Good was born was born in May 1966 and Brian Kent Good was born in July 1967. Throughout his Air Force career,
the family was stationed in Alabama, Texas, Hawaii, Kwajalein, Virginia and Germany. The family stayed in Texas
during Roy's final assignment in Germany so that the boys could finish high school. He retired from the Air Force
as a major in June 1985. Roy spent several years in Germany after he retired from the Air Force and worked for
Sperry Computers and Unisys Corporation. Later in life, Roy was once again active in the Civil Air Patrol and
as a flight instructor at the Red Bird facility in San Marcos, TX.

Roy was walking his constant companions, beagles named Socks and Boots - on a beautiful day on March 30, 2017, when he peaceful left us to "slip the surly bonds of earth."
A ceremony was held at the Red Bird facility on April 15, 2017, including a missing-man flyover by his former students and friends. His wishes were to have his remains interred with his parents in South Bend, IN.

(excerpts from Checkpoints GBNF September 2017)
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