Class Of 1964 USAF AcademyUnlike most of my classmates who came to the Academy right after high school, I entered the Academy from the enlisted ranks of the Air Force. When I graduated from high school, I applied to my Congressman for an appointment to the Academy, but, applied too late. The following year, I enlisted in the Air Force with the intent of entering the Aviation Cadet program. During my basic training I received a letter from my Congressmen asking if I would like to take the test for his appointment. When I obtained the pass to go downtown for the test, my commander asked if I would also like to take the test for an Air Force appointment. The result was my early graduation from basic training and assignment to the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) Prep School at Ft. Belvoir, Va. and eventual member of the class of 1964 at the Air Force Academy.

Following graduation, I went to pilot training at Craig AFB, Selma, Alabama. When I was about a month from getting my wings, I was in a light plane accident. For the first 3 days I was on the "not expected to live list" and spent the next 4 months in the hospital. After release from the hospital and completion of some outpatient procedures, I was returned to flying status and received my wings in May, 1966. My assignment out of UPT was to F-102 upgrade at Perrin AFB, Texas. In Aug, 1966, I had another medical problem and was again taken off flight status. The Flight Surgeon tried to get me back on flight status after 4 months. However, the Doctors at Brooks, AFB, School of Aerospace Medicine would not let me return to flying for 6 months. When I returned to flight status I was put into F-101 training.

After a stop at Tyndall AFB in Jun, 1967 for F-101 upgrade, I was assigned to the 87th FIS at Lockbourne AFB, Ohio. The middle of 1968, the 87th was deactivated and anyone who had not been to Vietnam was given that opportunity. I went to Bergstrom AFB for RF-4C upgrade before being assigned to the 12 TRS at Ton Son Nhut AB, Viet Nam from Mar 1969 to Jan 1970. Feb 1970 to Nov 1972 I flew the RF-4C at Kadena AB, OKinawa and from 1972 to 1974 I instructed in the RF-4C at Shaw AFB. 1974-1977 I had, as the sign in my office said, "fun in the Army because I was in the Air Force," as the Recce Air Liaison Officer for the 8th Infantry Division, Bad Kreuznach, Germany. Bad Kreuznach is in the middle of Rhine wine country and all assigned to the ALO office made sure we had a strong community relations program. Leaving the Army in 1977 I returned to being an RF-4C instructor at Bergstrom AFB until Aug 1980. Aug 1980 to Aug 1981 I was assigned to the 314th Air Division at Osan AB, Korea. One of my duties with the 314th AD was Project Officer to build a joint US/Korean bombing range. The Korean Tactical Range (or Pil-Sung range) is a live ordinance, "Red Flag" type range and is still in use today. My final Air Force assignment from Aug 1981 until I retired in May 1983 was as Chief, Quality Assurance and Functional Test Pilot, 67TRW Maintenance, Bergstrom AFB, Texas.

My first job after my retirement from the Air Force was a computer programmer for the American Cancer Society. In Aug 1985, I was hired by Continental Airlines and remained there until I retired in Jul 2001. During my time with CAL, I was a FE on the B-727 and DC-10 and a pilot on the B-727, DC-9, B-737 and B-777. I was one of the first Continental crews to check out in the B-777 and flew it internationally the last 18 months before my retirement.

Pam, my wife, and I have been blessed with three sons and six wonderful grand children. We enjoy visiting our German friends and relaxing at our condo on the Big Island of Hawaii.
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