Class Of 1964 USAF AcademyBio: Stuart B McCurdy

Stu McCurdy was born in Providence RI where he grew up, graduating from Classical High School in 1959. He then received an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy where he graduated in 1964 as a 2nd Lt in the USAF.

He then went to Laredo AFB for flight training where he remained as a Flight Instructor and married his wife, Diana, and had their son, Craig. He then trained in the F-4C at Davis-Montan AFB and remained in the Tactical Air Forces for the remainder of his career with assignments at Udorn RTAB, MacDill AFB, Ft Bragg, Maxwell AFB, Torrejon AB, Langley AFB, Norton AFB, Clark AB, and Bergstrom AFB.

He retired from active duty as a Colonel (USAF) in 1992 and settled in Round Rock, TX. He then trained local Experimental Aircraft pilots in formation and formed a formation demonstration team called Falcon Flight, conducting airshows all over Texas and eventually at the big airshows, AirVenture at Oshkosh WI and Sun 'N Fun at Lakeland FL.

He then founded an agency called Formation Flying, Inc (FFI) which is approved by FAA to evaluate formation pilots and issue formation cards, allowing pilots to participate in airshows in formation. He also began conducting formation clinics around the country teaching experienced pilots the finer points of formation flying.

In 1997, he organized a 25-ship formation for Van's Aircraft 25th Anniversary at Oshkosh. He and his formation mates then began conducting regular Large Formation Flyovers at Oshkosh and hold two Guinness World Records for the largest civil close formation, a 35-ship at AirVenture 2007 and a 37-ship at AirVenture 2009. He is a member of several organizations including the Daedalians, QBs, and EAA.

1964-65, 2Lt, Laredo AFB, 3640th PTS, Student Pilot, T-37/T-33
1965-69, 1Lt/Capt, Laredo AFB, 3641st PTS, Flight Instructor, T-33/T-38
1969-70, Capt, Davis-Montham AFB, 4456th TFRS, Fighter Pilot Upgrade, F-4C
1970-71, Capt, Udorn RTAB, 555th TFS, Flight Commander, F-4D
1971-75, Capt, MacDill AFB, 4501 TFRS/1st TFW, Flight Commander/Chief Stan/Eval, F-4E
1975-77, Capt/Maj, Ft Bragg, 82nd Ab Div/18th Ab Corps, ALO/Fighter Liaison Off, O-2A
1977-78, Maj, Maxwell AFB, Air Command and Staff College, Student
1978-82, Maj/Lt Col, Torrejon AB, 612th TFS/614th TFS, Operations Off/Squadron Cmdr, F-4D
1982-85, Lt Col/Col, Langley AFB, TAC/Joint Studies Group, Director
1985-88, Col, Norton AFB, AFISC, Flight Safety
1988-91, Col, Clark AB, 13th AF, DCS/Operations
1991-92, Col, Bergstrom AFB, 12th AF, Inspector General

Legion of Merit
Distinguished Flying Cross w/1 OLC
Meritorius Service Medal w/1 OLC
Air Medal w/12 OLC
Air Force Commendation Medal
Army Commendation Medal

Personal Aircraft:
1984-92, Bushby Mustang II, N33624, Purchased
1992-2001, Bushby MustangII, N63OT, Purchased/OB Tolman
1995-2005, Vans RV-3, N74TX, Purchased/Tony Bingelis
2001-Pres, Vans RV-8, N78TX, Personally Built

After Retirement:
1994-Pres, Team Leader, Falcon Flight Formation Team
1999-Pres, Administrator, Formation Flying Inc (FFI)
2007 & 2009, Guinness World Record, Flight Lead of Largest Civil Close Formation, Oshkosh, WI
1997-1999, President, Southwest Regional Fly-in, Texas




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