Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Carey's History

carey.jpg I departed USAFA with a great sense of adventure, heading for California, “the Golden State”, which I had only transited as a child. My life was changed forever. I loved attending Stanford University, and I met and married the love of my life, Karen. I continued the adventure through 21 years of USAF service in various Research and Development assignments, including upper atmospheric physics at the Cambridge Research Laboratories (Hanscom Field), High Energy Laser systems development at the Air Force Weapons Lab (Kirtland AFB) and many satellite systems and subsystems developments at SAFSP and SMC (Los Angeles AFS). My primary area of expertise was optical electronics, such as target tracking systems. To a large extent, my projects were in the category of “if I told you, they would have to shoot you”, as the saying goes. My efforts in national defense provided a good sense of accomplishment and contribution.

I continued space systems development and systems engineering over the following 24 years at TRW, which became part of Northrop Grumman. While seeing our national technical capabilities continually increase, I enjoyed working in a 50 person group atmosphere on highly technical proposals and projects. When faced with “an opportunity I couldn't refuse,” I retired for the second time in June 2009.

Karen and I reared two children, Carey IV and Shannon. We are very proud of their accomplishments in their own careers and families. Both graduated from Westmont College in the Santa Barbara area. Carey accomplished medical school at Georgetown University and spent 10 years in the USAF at Wilford Hall Medical Center in San Antonio. Shannon spent several years in telecom and electronics marketing before becoming a full-time mom. We are fortunate to have them both living in Newport Beach, CA. We love seeing our 6 grandchildren often and observing their growth and many activities.

I enjoyed a period of teaching Sunday School at the zoo, but fell away from the Lord in the later years. I floated through the first few years of career emphasis. Finally He broke through in my life again and I became a committed disciple of Jesus. I have been greatly blessed through church attendance/membership and studying the Bible with many small groups of men and couples. Any success I have attained I can truly say I owe to God's action and blessing. Karen has been the lead receptionist at our church for over 20 years and I continue to volunteer/lead in various capacities. I expect this will continue to be my focus in the years to come.
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