Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Marty's History

marty.jpg I was born in Youngstown, OH, in 1941. I grew up there and graduated from high school in 1959. I attended Youngstown State University for one year before I was appointed to the USAF Academy, Class of 1964. I reported to USAFA on 27 Jun 60 and became a lowly “doolie” just like the rest of the '64 Class.

I was in the 45th Squadron during Basic Cadet Training and the 14th Squadron at USAFA when I graduated on 2 Jun 64. I got my first choice for pilot training, Williams AFB, AZ, and reported there in UPT Class 66-B. I got to fly the T-37 and T-38 and got my Wings on-time in Sep 65, with a follow-on assignment to Strategic Air Command to fly KC-135s.

I next traveled to Castle AFB, CA, to check out in the Co-Pilot seat and then reported to the 922 ARS, 17 BW, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH in Jan 66. Within 6 months of my arrival, I met the love of my life, Sherry, who became my wife in Dec 67.

I progressed very quickly in the right seat of the KC-135, the Wing got me a waiver to upgrade with less than the minimum time in the cockpit, and I upgraded to a KC-135 Aircraft and Crew Commander as a 1Lt in Nov 67. I flew in this position through Sep 69 when I separated from USAF.

I had multiple deployments to SEA including one Young Tiger deployment to Utapao AB, Thailand in 1968. I earned an Air Medal during the YT deployment, mainly flying air refueling support missions within the SEA Theater. While in SAC, I stood too many 7-day ready-alert tours which contributed significantly to my decision to separate from USAF.

I next signed on with Northwest Orient Airlines as a commercial pilot to fly as a Flight Engineer on B-727 aircraft. I was assigned to Minneapolis, Minn. and moved my family there in Oct 69. I flew passenger routes until Apr 70 at which time I was furloughed due to a slowdown in flight operations and the oil embargos that occurred in the early 70s.

I moved my family back to Dayton, OH, in Nov 70 and started a Civil Service career at the Aeronautical Systems Center, WPAFB, OH, in Dec 70; I was hired as an Aero Engineer and also worked as an Electrical Engineer and Program Manager for the next 26 years until I retired in Jan 97.

I worked as an Engineer/PM on numerous development and acquisition programs, which included most of the new programs that were part of the major upgrades of USAF aircraft that were made in the 70s and 80s. I also continued flying, with the USAF Reserves, from 1970-74. I earned an MS in Management Science from the University of Dayton in 76 to enhance my career progression.

After retirement from CS, I hired on as a support contractor at WPAFB and landed in the C-17 SPO as a Senior Project Manager, which became a dream job for me - - working major avionics upgrade programs which were extremely challenging but satisfying, with a great bunch of people. When I hired on, I intended to work about 3-4 years at the most but I am still working 14+ years later. I may retire later this year but also may not.

I am still married to that Dayton native, Sherry, and we're working on our 44th year of marriage. We have 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren and my youngest son is an O-5 Navy pilot who'll become a Squadron Commander next year; we're very proud of him. We are all healthy and hope to stay that way as long as possible.

My USAFA education and training proved to be a solid foundation for both my family life and my professional career. I value the many friends I have in the Class of 1964 and my position in the Class.

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