Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

The Contrails Project

By Cherry Flores, Checkpoints Magazine, December 2000

contrails2004_edited_sm.jpg In partnership with the Association of Graduates (AOG) and the Academy, the Class of 1964 is the first graduate class in “The Long Blue Line” to link itself with a cadet class by inaugurating a new heritage and tradition initiative. The Contrails Project enlists each graduating class at its 35th reunion to support the printing of Contrails for the incoming class entering in the alumni class’s 36th year and graduating in conjunction with its 40th reunion.

The Contrails Project links graduate classes to incoming classes by teaching them about the important contributions made by Academy graduates. The books are presented by members of the sponsoring class to the incoming class at its Acceptance Parade after Basic Cadet Training. Additionally, discussions are underway regarding other ways that the 35th year class members can mentor and interact with the class throughout its career at the Academy. In recognition of the class gift, two pages in the front of the book are dedicated to sharing the history and heritage of the class. The class color for both the graduate and incoming classes are the same so the book is published with that color cover. The 2000 Contrails is blue.

In a very moving ceremony, several local ’64 grads had the honor of presenting Contrails to the Class of 2004 at the acceptance Parade on 8 August 2000 at Stillman Parade Field. D.J. Alberts, ’64 President, addressed the Cadet Wing, charging the cadets to make the most of their careers here at the Academy and to look forward to extraordinary opportunities upon graduation.

The AOG, the Academy and the Class of 1964 have established an important new Academy tradition. The Class of 1964 raised more than $35,000 to support Contrails for the Class of 2004. Not only has the Contrails Project provided important linkage between classes, it has improved efficiency, quality and reduced publication costs for the Academy. The Class of 1964 has set the standard of excellence for the classes which graduated after them. Several classes, including 1965, 1966 and 1967, have already committed to carrying on this new tradition. We extend our sincere thanks to the Class of 1964 for its enthusiastic support in launching this important heritage project.
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