Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Yeah Silver

by Lou Comadena

In the fall of 1960, I was sitting at a football training table at Mitchell Hall. One day at the start of a meal it was announced that there would be a contest to choose a new USAFA cheer. Fourth Class cadets were to submit their entries, and the winner, and all the other doolies at his table, would be allowed to sit at ease for all meals for one week. Our Table Commandant then added, "all you doolies submit an entry. Who knows? One of you might win." At which, one of his '61 classmates retorted, "If one of these dumb squats win, they'll not only get to sit at ease, but I'll sit at the other end of the table at attention and serve the beverages."

Well, I submitted, "Yeah Silver. Yeah Blue. Yeah Air Force. We're for you." It won. We were allowed to sit at ease for one week, but the First Classman who popped off with the dare lasted less than ten minutes at the doolie end of the table before he jumped up and moved himself to another table for the rest of that week. His unfulfilled commitment was never again mentioned, and the Yeah Silver cheer went on to be one of the more popular cheers for the next decade.
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