Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Further Details

Bob James and Ron McCoy died in a T-37 mid air on outside downwind towards the end of Tweets. Both had some problems but were hanging in and a few of the last to finish up with solo time. On the day of the accident, I was in mobile and saw the smoke from the accident. It was my understanding that one of them was entering outside downwind when the accident occurred. One of them and don't know which could not have survived but the other could have ejected, but elected to crash land....unsuccessfully obviously. (Jack Sullivan)

I pretty much remember the T-37 mid-air of Bob and Ron the same way Jack does. One was entering downwind and they ran into each other near the entry area. Like Jack said, one of the airplanes went straight down as a result of the mid air but the other one was flying although experiencing a shaking which led the young pilot to think it was stalling when it was really shaking due to the damage. Then he crashed too. (Julio Echegaray)
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