Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Class 66-B Vance AFB

Pilot Training Class 66-B at Vance AFB was a fun, but hard working bunch. It contained many classmates who over the years acquired a certain amount of fame and/or notoriety. The class patch was designed by myself, Al Larson, and my former EE lab partner, Al McArtor. The motto fit the class well. Do you remember your Latin?

The following photo and roster was found gathering dust on a shelf in my basement. Since it was still in mint condition, having not been unrolled for several decades, it absolutely required adding to our class history. It turns out that I had this photo because Rod Wells procured it at Vance AFB, and transcribed the names on the back of the photo. He handed out copies at one of our reunions. So, thanks to Rod, one part of our history was preserved.



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