Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Civilian Life

By Bob Levins

PB070005_edited_sm.JPG I retired in 1991 from HQ AFSC just as it was being inactivated and combined with AF Logistics Command. While I was assigned to Andrews I met the beautiful Cindy Kearns. We’ve been together ever since. We discovered we both had a love of dancing, especially Country Western dancing, and a love of traveling. Our “land” trips included Maui, Cancun, Bahamas, Las Vegas, and San Diego among others. Our “sea” trips or cruises as they are commonly called, included New Zealand/Australia, Alaska, Canada, and the Panama Canal, among others.

Thanks to Paul Belmont, who was then a manager at a small company (approx 2000 people) called TASC, my transition to becoming a “Beltway Bandit” was smooth and quick. He took me under his wing and got me through the entire hiring process while I was still on active duty. I retired on a Friday and started working on Monday. During my 16 years as a contractor, TASC was purchased by Primark, then Litton and finally Northup Grumman. I was lucky enough to work at the Pentagon supporting the Star Wars program and the DARO, the program that started the UAV programs like the Predator. I also supported programs at the NRO, CIA, and FBI. I worked the last five years at the FBI headquarters in Washington, DC.

Cindy and I are now enjoying being “completely” retired. We still travel, but we also continue to enjoy being with the grandkids. Fortunately they live close-by.
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