Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

The Rabbit Hunt

After a significant snowfall, Terry Flower and I decide to take a road that leads off from the NW corner of the athletic fields in search of rabbits for Mrs. Cissell to make Hassenpfeffer. The hunt is a failure and we get the car stuck down the road. Enough time passes that we realize that it is getting close to first call for dinner. After several attempts to free the car, we hear first call for dinner. Abandoning the car, we run back to the Cadet Area across the athletic fields in fatigues and combat boots. We change uniforms and run to Mitchell Hall and sit down to dinner VERY LATE. We both, of course, receive Forms 10 for missing meal formation. We are both required to write held reports. Upon reading them, Major Nabor calls us in together and asks "Did you really run that far in that snow in your boots and still make dinner?" When we answered yes he said "No demerits -- you've punished yourselves enough."
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