Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Look at me now!

by Ed Pegg

After I decipher Al's instructions about resizing and uploading, I will include a picture of Jeanette and me. Jeanette_Ed400x300.jpeg How about that. When all else fails, read the instructions. Al should have been an instructor at the Academy.

As I mentioned in my story, Jeanette and I were married in 2003 after a brief eight-year courtship. This picture was taken in a restaurant on the east bank of the Bosphorus, a few miles north of Istanbul, Turkey. In September of 2009, we took a two-week vacation in Lisbon, Portugal, and Istanbul. We had never been to either locale and we thoroughly enjoyed both places. We plan to do more traveling together. Although our jobs took us all over the world (Jeanette is a corporate Flight Attendant), all we managed to see in many places was the airport hotel.

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