Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

It Was the Worst SAMI

Now there’s an acronym that I haven’t used in a long time. Anyway, I think I was rooming with Willie that Saturday morning during the start of our junior year when Maj. Lambert came into our room to inspect. After checking all the normal places, he reached into my hang-up bag and pulled out a miniature liquor bottle—just like the one I had gotten in Europe and thought I had left at home. I forget what was meted out at that moment, but the end result was that I would not be able to see Nancy, who was arriving that day to start her first year at DU.

I was devastated! I even called home because I could picture that bottle on my dresser there. Needless to say, I really went into a tail spin when my Dad informed me that he thought I might want it, so he had put it in my bag. I didn’t find out until latter that Barry White et al had set this whole thing up, including coordinating with my Dad.

My “friends” allowed me to remain in a state of shock until we were forming up to march into Falcon Stadium that afternoon. At that time the squadron commander announced that further analysis of the bottle found in my bag had determined it contained only Listerine and Coke. I WAS OFF RESTRICTIONS!!!

Addendum: During the beginning of the semester, I may have mentioned a few times to my friends, who were “class A bachelors”, that I would no longer be in that category.

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