Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Harvey Wallender in New York

by Tom Till

In 1968 or 1969, my wife and I were in New York and we got in touch with Dan Ward and his wife, Sue. They invited us to join them and Sue’s sister and her husband, Doug Hedlund, at an apartment on the upper west side. Somehow, Harvey Wallender happened to be in New York City and was invited to join us. I asked what he had done after he left the Academy. Harvey said that he had gone back to Texas and gone to college via Army ROTC; he was commissioned and went through the Army’s Foreign Area Specialist Training (FAST) Program, taking Spanish and focusing on Latin America. He said he ended up being assigned to Bolivia to work with Bolivian Army troops, and that he was with the group when they killed Che Guevara. It was Harvey’s job to cut off Guevara’s finger and send it back to Washington so the identification could be absolutely confirmed. It was.
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