Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Bob's History

Gone But Not Forgotten

ReevesSmall.jpg Army Captain Robert L Reeves, United States Air Force Academy Class of 1964, died 26 February 1968 in a mortar attack at Tan Tru, Long An Province, South Vietnam.

“Ranger Bob” reported to the Academy from Atlanta, GA. While at the Academy, he was a member of the 8th Cadet Squadron. He was a member of the Special Warfare Group.

Following graduation, Bob took a commission in the United States Army. In 1964 through 1966, he was a student at the University of Michigan studying metallurgy under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation. In 1966 he was assigned to an admin company at Fort Riley, KS. He was assigned to the 9th Infantry Division at Dong Tam, South Vietnam at the time of the attack.

(Compiled from various sources by Doug Jenkins, '64)

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