Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Ken's History

SAMPSON1972.jpg The photo of me at the right was taken in 1972.

The content of the Walter Reed National Military Center Document, at the link below, was written by the nationally recognized PTSD authority, Charles W. Hoge, MD. It describes my USAF active duty military PTSD history and USAF retiree PTSD history.

I want to publicize this document to reduce and ameliorate PTSD stigma in our general population.

Secrecy permits misinformation and increases stigma. Publicity with the hard truth reduces stigma.

I hereby declare and decree that my PTSD history in this document is public knowledge available for worldwide publication.

The document at the first link below describes the core of my history. It is password protected. The password is “b52”.

I have provided two other stories of my days in the B-52.


Kenneth B Sampson
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