Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Larry's History

Snapshot_20140628_4.png I joined the Class of ‘64 at the end of doolie summer having spent the previous summer with the Class of ‘63. We made the next four years a bonding experience that lasts until today. My whole cadet time with ‘64 was spent in the Ninth Squadron and I loved it. The Niner ‘64 guys are the best.

Pilot training at Del Rio was a hoot. It was great to be back home in Texas. First assignment was KC-135's at McCoy in Orlando, which was a sleepy Florida town in those days. We were TDY to SE Asia about half the time and gassing up the SR-71 the other half. MPC decided after so much time in SEA that I would not be sent on a combat tour.

I disagreed and volunteered. After training at Clovis,NM and Hurlbut, I was assigned to Pleiku AB in the lovely central highlands of S. Vietnam as a FAC fling the OV-10 over the trail in Laos. It was interesting work.

Came back to Carswell AFB for five years, then to Minot for an eternity, and wound up finishing my career at Barksdale AFB in LA.

After retirement, I worked briefly for American Airlines training KC-10 crews at Barksdale. Then I was hired by FEDEX, first as a simulator instructor and as a flight crew member. What a ride. No additional duties, just flying.

I retired in 2005 and vowed never to work again and I have been faithful to that vow. Lori, my wife of 25 years, and I travel and just hang out together and watch the grandkids grow. We have been to Australia, Alaska, Europe, and Russia and have no plans to slow down.
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