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Gone But Not Forgotten

TrentSm.jpg Captain Alan R. Trent, United States Air Force Academy Class of 1964, was listed as Missing In Action on 13 May 1970. On 29 November 1973, Headquarters USAF changed his status to Killed In Action. Captain Trent was the pilot of an F-4D aircraft flying a scramble alert mission over Cambodia. The aircraft was struck by hostile fire and crashed. Memorial services were held at the USAF Academy on 8 December 1973.

While at the Academy, Al was a member of the 22nd Cadet Squadron. He participated in the Protestant Cadet Choir and Chorale. He played a prime role in the production of the cadet television station, KAFA-TV. An amateur magician, Al delighted many children at Operation Easter.

Following graduation, Al was assigned to pilot training at Webb AFB, TX, where he remained for several years as an instructor pilot. Later, he was assigned to the 480th Tactical Fighter Squadron, DaNang AB, Vietnam, where he was serving as an F-4 aircrew member at the time of the incident.

Captain Trent was survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dudley R. Trent. of 171 Grandview Ave., Wadsworth. OH 44281.

(Gone But Not Forgotten, Checkpoints, December 1973)
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