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WhiteJBSm.jpg Major James B. White, Class of 1964, was declared Killed In Action on 24 January 1974 after having been listed as Missing In Action since 24 November 1969. Major White was on an operational mission in an F-105 in Southeast Asia when his aircraft did not return to friendly control.

Major White was survived by his wife, Sharon, and daughter, Katherine, of 1525 Eden Isle Blvd. NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33704; and by his parents, Major Gen. (Ret.) and Mrs. Edward H. White of 386 Bayview Dr., Snell Island, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. Major White's brother, Lieutenant Colonel Edward H. White, II, was killed in a Project Apollo training exercise at Cape Kennedy, FL on 27 Jan. 1967.

Major White graduated from the Academy with a major in International Affairs. He was named to the Superintendent's Merit List for four years. He was a member of the Soccer Team and the Ski, Forensic, and Saddle Clubs.

Following graduation, he received a Master's degree in economics at Georgetown University and subsequently entered pilot training at Williams AFB, AZ. In July 1966 he was assigned as an instructor pilot at Webb AFB, TX and later reassigned to Takhli AB, Thailand.

(Gone But Not Forgotten, Checkpoints, Spring 1974)

The Association of Graduates has recently learned that Maj James B. White's remains were recovered and identified in July 2017. A funeral service and burial took place on 19 Jun 2018 at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. His father was a 1924 graduate of USMA. He was interred with his parents. Maj White had been listed as MIA with a date of death as 24 Nov 1969.

The following was received from Ed Badenell, a good friend of Jim's:

According to information I have, Jim's accident site was excavated and his remains were returned to the US Apr 4, 2014. The remains went through all the processing and were accounted for July 14, 2017.

More importantly his remains were buried June 19, 2018 at the cemetery at West Point, NY. Jim is buried with his father, MG Edward H. White (USAF), his mother Mary H. White, and his brother Lt Col Edward H. White (Apollo 1 astronaut and Gemini space walker).

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