Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Bill White

I grew up in Roosevelt, NY on Long Island until we moved to Simsbury, CT in 1957. I graduated from Simsbury High School, , in 1960 and went to the US Air Force Academy, , where I graduated in 1964. My first assignment in the Air Force was to graduate school at Stanford University, , where I graduated with a Masters degree in Computer Science in 1966.

My career in the computer business began with the US Air Force where I was a programmer, systems analyst, and manager of computer programming with the SR-71, , program at Beale AFB. CA, , until I resigned in 1970. My first civilian job was with Sanders Associates, , at their plant in Plainview, NY, where I bought my first house and met my wife Kathy (we were married in April 1971).

Here we are back at the Academy in November for the class's 45th reunion.

We moved to Stanford later in 1971, where I was a research programmer. Later I became an independent small business and programming consultant. As a consultant I was a principal in Teknowledge, Inc. , one of the first AI knowledge engineering companies, and consulted regularly for the FMC Corporate Technology Center.

I've been in the computer business in one form or another ever since college, most recently as a software engineer at Iron Speed, , where we are constantly improving our extraordinary web application generation tool, Iron Speed Designer, . Before joining Iron Speed I was one of the founders and General Manager of PC Crisis Line, where I spent most of the time helping people with their computer problems.

Starting in 1971 we began a continuing association with the Libertarian Party, . There were campaigns as a Libertarian for US Senate (write-in) in 1974, State Senate (CA) in 1976, and Congress in 1978.

Kathy and I have 2 sons, Erik born in 1977 and Sean born in 1980. Along with children came a myriad of volunteer opportunities, from coaching sports, to school and Boy Scouts. It has been a busy time. Today, both sons are artists and we follow their work on their web sites at for Erik and for Sean.
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