Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

John's History

After graduation, I attended the Univ. of Ill. Under the auspices of AFIT. Halfway through the program, I married Helene, who has been my better half ever since.

I graduated with a Masters in Industrial Engineering and was assigned to Hqs.OSI!!! It took about 18 months to convince them that they didn't need an IE, and I transferred to Hqs.AFSC at Andrews.

In 1970, I moved to USAFA where I worked on the Supt.'s staff. From there, I was Commander of the MET at Bitburg, Germany. I enjoyed my stay in Europe.

Next, I was assigned as the first commander of the AF Security Police functional MET. After my 4 yrs. at Ellsworth, I was Management Engineering Division Chief for Electronic Security Command at Kelly AFB, San Antonio. I did a short tour at Osan, Korea. I returned to my old job at Kelly, from whence I retired in October of '84.

I went to work (almost immediately) for USAA where I continued to ply my IE trade for 15 yrs. After retiring from USAA, I taught for 7 or 8 the University of the Incarnate Word here in San Antonio. I taught Statistics, various Algebra courses, and a couple of Ops.Research-type courses. I have been retired-retired for the past few years.

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