Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Al's History

I went to pilot training following graduation. I flew f-4's for one tour. I flew 100 missions over the north.

allen_exp.jpg Following my stint in F-4's I flew T-37's at Laughlin, served in Airmanship at the Academy, then became a maintenance officer for a field maintenance squadron at Eglin. From Eglin I went to Columbus AFB and flew T-38's. While there, the Air Force determined that I would be a major til the end. I flew T-37's and AT-37's at Lake City Florida and spent the remaining months in the command post at Moody AFB. I retired as a major.

Reference exciting moments in SEA:

There were not to many. One occurred during a night bombing run dropping CBU's. There was an O.S. moment with a bright light and an explosion. We made it out to the Gulf of Tonkin and ejected after we were advised that we were on fire and pieces were falling off our aircraft. I got picked up by the Marines flying a helicopter out of Hue.

The other exciting moment was when Kris Mineau and I took the F-101 patch off our new wing commander, Colonel Robin Olds when he came to the club for breakfast.

After the Air Force, I taught school for three years. After that I became a real estate appraiser specializing in commercial real estate.

I am now retired and play golf and fish.

Allen Lee Workman
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