Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Ken's History

ken.jpg After almost 18 years of writing management, technical (explaining the difference between adsorption and absorption) and cost proposals, I promised that I would not sit down and write anything longer than a text message. And here I am breaking my promise at the 11th hour.

So here goes:

After retiring in 1985, as a result of getting a 3-3-1 (from an individual who arbitrarily decided that he will give his 3's to non-rated officers that year) I began my civilian work by selling new cars for a Ford dealer. This was not for me; although I was successful; I couldn't live with some of the things they did to good people at that dealership.

I found a position at Aircraft Porous Media as an Applications Engineer. Pall Corporation, our parent, combined three markets and we became Pall Aeropower Corporation. I soon became a product line specialist (Filter Plus products) and then a Program Manager for "NBC Regenerative Collective Protection Systems". In addition to that since it involved Gov't contracts, and my security clearance, I was the Program manager for several space programs, and a Dept. of Energy R&D program. I also headed up development of a new product line for last chance filters and our foray into complex valves for high pressure hydraulic systems (F22).

However, the company did another consolidation and closed a nearby office and the office personnel were moved to a location 45 miles from my home. I commuted for a year but found that the daily hour and a half each round trip (US19 for those familiar with west coast Florida and the traffic on that highway) would eventually end with me killing someone or vice-versa. I retired in 2004. Now I enjoy working around the house, a little travel, and not writing proposals.


Does anyone remember the St. Valentine's Day party (shootout) at the cadet club in the basement of the Antler's hotel? Membership soared afterwards.

How about the flags tied to the flagpole during our senior football season which required the head shed to hire a boom truck each time to cut the flags down?

I believe it was after the 4th time that the wing commander promised amnesty if the individuals responsible would remove the flag after the game to save the cost hiring the boom truck. I know where the web belt used as part of the apparatus is today.

There are more and more details but I have reached my limit on writing for the day and month.
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