Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Jerry's History

Married for 46 years to the former Marilyn Beth Caldwell from Montgomery, WV.

We have a bachelor son (Brent) who is 44 and lives in Boulder, CO. He is attending Naropa University to get his third Master's degree, this time in creative writing. He has completed the first year and has another to go. He is also the assistant coach for the CU Ultimate Frisbee team that won Nationals this spring--#1 in the country. He is playing on an over-35 team that attended the World competition in Italy this July.

Our daughter (Ann Alexander) is 39 and is an orthodontist in the AF ('97 AFA grad) Lt. Col. She has a son, Jacob (4.5), Luke (2+) and Dillon (6 months). She has been extended another year in Ramstein, Germany. She married a former flight surgeon (Mike Alexander) who is now a civilian ER physician at Landsthul Medical Center nearby. Ann and Mike have their hands full so we are asked to come help and are very welcome.

We have spent two past summers on our motor yacht in the canals of the Netherlands and absolutely enjoy the experience. We kept the boat in heated storage in the Netherlands. We missed the following two summers because of our son's illness. We traded the boat for a new one which was under construction the third summer. We are now on board her in The Netherlands, once again enjoying the waterways and smaller cities and villages of Europe. Great to see the grandkids in Germany yet travel Europe on the boat while entertaining guests visiting from stateside.

We have been back in the Castle Pines, CO home for three years now and hope to return to the Indialantic, FL condo after we reach the five year capital gains exclusion. So, once again we have been able to enjoy our football tickets on the 50 yard line. Last year was tough so hope we have a better season this year.

We are both retired and enjoy traveling to see the world. My mother was in a Decatur, IL nursing home and achieved 95 years of age before her death. Marilyn's mother is in a nursing home in Montgomery, WV and was 100 years old this July (flew back for the big celebration with over 100 guests).
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