Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

The Way of the Fellow Traveler

by Al Larson

We are all born.
We shall all die.
And what, pray tell,
'Tween the two shall lie?

Let us Live,
And teach others
To Live,
As we learned Together,
Those many years ago.

But never, ever,
Keep Score.
For it matters naught,
Who got what,
Less or More.

A life of struggle?
That's for sure.
But a life,
Simply to Endure?

Life's a Foggy Bog.
We take different routes
To the End.
But as we travel,
Let us reach out,
Friend to Friend.

It matters only that We,
And those who Follow
The Path we've Blazed
Learn the Way
Through Life, is
Not just Fate

A life of
Constant, churning Change?
A life of Doing Jobs,
Filling Squares, and
Counting Small change?

Tell me what you see.
I'll share my view with you,
Be it quagmire, sandbar,
Or Solid Rock.
Call it out to your left,
Shout it out to your right.

It's Simply,
A life of Hassle,
Hustle, and Games?
A life of Put Downs,
And Put Ons,
And Pain?

We'll All listen, look,
And do the Same.
With God's help and Grace,
We'll All make it Through.

A Commitment to
A life of living
In Greed and Fear?
And fighting the World,

When our paths cross,
Or parallel a precious while,
Share the Comradre,
Savor the Respect,
Honor, and Trust.
And Smile.

Cooperate , and Graduate!

Just like the Class of ' 64!

To that let Us say,
For there is surely
A Better Way!

written at the 25th Reunion, Sept. 10, 1989. Later published in Checkpoints
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