Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Graduation Day 1964

by Al Larson

Turn on your sound to hear a radio broadcast of our graduation. Listen closely as to how many graduates the Dean presented to General Lemay. It's not the 499 claimed by the AOG :)

We were all told, at some time during our 4 years at the Zoo, that it would be "A cold day in hell when your graduate, mister!" Well, it was a cool foggy morning, making the parade interesting.


At long last, we were assembled in the stadium, ready to hear those last words of advice, ready to become commissioned officers in the US Air Force, but mostly, ready to "Get the hell out of here!"


After the speeches, a fourship of F-100's gave us their salute.


"Gentlemen, you are dismissed!" What a feeling!


A final sendoff from the solo F100. And we were on our way to our Air Force careers. Who would have thought that we would do so much over so many years.
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