Class Of 1964 USAF Academy

Index of Stories by the Class of 1964

Alberts_Donald story1 The Contrails Project

Alfred_Gerald story1 Further Details

Ammerman_David story1 Gone But Not Forgotten

Anderson_Kenneth story1 The Grass Is Alway Greener

Bavaria_Joseph story1 Paveway Revenge

Belmont_Paul story1 Above Average Cadet Smart-Ass!!

Belmont_Paul story2 AF Prep Course at NAPS

Belmont_Paul story3 Revenge on an Instructor Years Later

Belmont_Paul story4 WWII War Stories

Bliss_Ronald story1 Ron Bliss - True American Hero

Bliss_Ronald story2 Flying With A True American Hero

Bliss_Ronald story3 Tribute To A Hero

Bloodworth_Darryl story1 Nice English Girls

Blunt_Raymond story1 Why I Am An Anglican

Blunt_Raymond story2 Wrong Wall -- Wrong Ladder

Bothwell_Lin story1 Photos From My History

Browning_Thomas story1 We Came Home

Bunch_Ronald story1 My Cadet Days

Bushnell_Mart story1 A Bullet In The Tail

Bushnell_Mart story2 The French Flight Examiner

Caldarelli_Peter story1 Gone But Not Forgotten

Cardenas_Manuel story1 Operation 3rd Lt. Or “What the hell is that?”

Clark_Robert story1 Combat Experiences

Clark_Robert story2 RF-4C Shootdown

Clifton_Charles story1 There I was... 1

Clifton_Charles story2 There I was... 2

Clifton_Charles story3 There I was... 3

Clifton_Charles story4 There I was... 4

Clifton_Charles story5 There I was... 5

Cobeaga_Mitchell story1 The Fifth

Cobeaga_Mitchell story2 The Night That Rapid Roger Died

Coberly_Camden story1 My Own Bag Experience

Coburn_Robert story1 Bob's Stories

Coleman_Glenn story1 Return To Stanley Canyon

Comadena_Louis story2 Yeah Silver

Comadena_Louis story1 Lessons Learned

Comadena_Louis story3 The Big Upset

Comadena_Louis story4 Fio Blows a Tire

Croker_Stephen story1 Leadership, Mentoring and Payback

Downer_Lee story1 Special Orders

Downer_Lee story2 The Class Six Option

Faimon_Gabriel story1 Air Force Assignments and Stories

Faimon_Gabriel story2 Transformation of a State Agency

Faimon_Gabriel story3 Cold War Exercise Deja Vu

Feiertag_Matthew story1 It’s Better To Be Lucky Than Good

Feiertag_Matthew story2 My Photos

Fister_Bruce story1 The Freedom Bridge

Fister_Bruce story2 Bruce's Photos

Flower_Terrence story1 Additional Photos

Freathy_Alfred story1 Gone But Not Forgotten

Gordon_Jeffrey story1 Some Pictures

Graham_Donald story1 Photos

Graham_James story1 A Ride From Denver

Graham_James story2 A Ride to Virginia

Griffith_Evan story1 AIMVAL/ACEVAL

Handley_Charles story1 Blueberry Cobbler

Handley_Charles story2 Who Dared Whistle at the Wing Commander’s Wife???

Harvey_Edwin story1 Keynote Address at The Karl Wendell Richter Class of 2008 Exemplar Dedication

Heide_Donald story1 It Was All Uphill From Here

Hermanson_James story1 Recollections of Vietnam

Hermanson_James story2 Anne Hermanson

Hermanson_James story3 The Touch of a Life

Hermanson_James story4 Hawaii 2008

Hinkel_James story1 Jim Hinkel's Observations

Hoilman_Charles story1 Night Rescue at NKP, Boxer 22, and Night Rescue Attempt of Marine Pilot

Honea_Willie story1 Wake Up, Sir!

Horton_Philip story1 Phil Horton, Forward Air Controller

Horton_Philip story2 Aboard the USS Maddox

Horton_Philip story3 Illicit Hardware

Ingram_James story1 White House Visit

Isaacson_Terry story1 My Cadet Days

Isaacson_Terry story2 My Photo Memory Bank

Jagerson_Gordon story1 How I Got In

Jagerson_Gordon story2 Blood-Lust Kamikazes

Jagerson_Gordon story3 Obligatory B-52 Tale

Jagerson_Gordon story4 Why I Got Out

Jagerson_Gordon story5 Evil Empire--Hungary

Jagerson_Gordon story6 Evil Empire--Kazakhstan

Jagerson_Gordon story7 Additional Photos

James_Max story5 My Photo Memories

James_Max story4 Some Personal Photos

James_Max story1 2010 USAFA Distinguish Graduate Citation

James_Max story2 SPREE Hall Of Fame

James_Max story3 American Kiosk Management

James_Robert story1 Further Details

Jefferson_James story1 Further Details

Jenkins_Douglas story1 Remember 27 June 1960?

Jenkins_Douglas story2 CS20PatchHistory

Jenkins_Douglas story3 Gunfighter 08

Jenkins_Douglas story4 Sloe Gin 01

Jenkins_Douglas story5 C/1C Daniel H Jenkins, USAFA Class of 1997

Jenkins_Douglas story6 Titan IV

Jenkins_Douglas story7 The Old Trolls

Jenkins_Douglas story8 Lois Ann Jenkins

Jones_William story1 A Bicycle Built For Two

Kaminski_Paul story1 The Four P's

Kaminski_Paul story2 Letter From President Reagan

Kaminski_Paul story3 Letter From President Clinton

Kaminski_Paul story4 The Story Of Stealth

Kaminski_Paul story5 Making a Difference (albeit small) in Cyber Security

Kearns_Daniel story1 Gone But Not Forgotten

Kline_Timothy story1 The Midnight Skulkers

Kline_Timothy story2 The Usual Suspects

Krogman_Alva story1 Further Details

Lacey_Keith story1 Flying With A Real American Hero

Lacey_Keith story2 The Fighting Spirit of the Class of 1964

Larson_Allen story1 The Steel Hand Of Death and Other Poems

Larson_Allen story2 My Vietnam Days

Larson_Allen story3 Bring Me Men

Larson_Allen story4 Graduation Day 1964

Larson_Allen story5 History Of Our Times

Larson_Allen story6 Living One Day At A Time

Larson_Allen story9 Class 66B Vance AFB

Larson_Allen story10 Your Electric Life

Larson_Allen story14 Address to 33rd Squadron Commissioning Ceremony, Class of 2014

Levins_Robert story1 Before USAFA

Levins_Robert story2 At the Zoo

Levins_Robert story3 Air Force Days

Levins_Robert story4 Civilian Life

Lodge_Robert story1 Further Details

Lodge_Robert story2 Jabara Award

Malmstrom_Frederick story1 When Slide Rules Ruled the Rockies

Malmstrom_Frederick story2 Compulsory Chapel

Malmstrom_Frederick story3 I Woke Up Screaming

Malmstrom_Frederick story4 What Killed the Dodo?

Martin_Larry story1 My War Stories

McAdoo_Patrick story1 The Great CU Seed Mission

McAdoo_Patrick story2 Flameout

McAdoo_Patrick story3 Hue Citadel

McAdoo_Patrick story4 Last Flight Out

McArtor_Trusten story1 Some Other Photos

McArtor_Trusten story1 2018 Distinguished Graduate

McCoy_Ronald story1 Further Details

McNish_Thomas story1 Christmases in the Dungeons of North Vietnam

Midnight_Francis story1 Further Details

Mineau_Kristian story1 Bailout

Mineau_Kristian story2 Tackling Robin Olds

Montgomery_Dennis story1 JERRY BOLT AND THE ROCKEYE TEST

Neal_David story1 Vandals Attack Chapel Under Construction

Noyes_Charles story1 The Rabbit Hunt

Olin_Gary story1 My Most Memorable Mission

Olmsted_Frederick story1 Recent Photos

Pearce_Harry story1 Harry's Remarks at the 40th Reunion

Pegg_Edward story1 Look at me now!

Pesut_Martin story1 Let Them Eat Cake

Pierce_James story1 Spirit Hill

Rawlins_Addison story1 Hell Week and the '64 Flag

Richmond_James story1 Mission Over Laos

Richmond_James story2 Flying the OV-10 Bronco

Richter_Karl story1 Karl Richter: Racing Stud

Richter_Karl story2 Posthumous Awards

Richter_Karl story3 Keynote Address at The Karl Wendell Richter Class of 2008 Exemplar Dedication

Rickel_David story1 Further Details

Ritchie_Richard story1 Leadership That Inspires Excellence

Ritchie_Richard story2 Second Aerial Victory

Ritchie_Richard story3 Interview With An Ace

Ritchie_Richard story4 Fifth Aerial Victory

Ritchie_Richard story5 Vietnam Debrief

Ritchie_Richard story6 Ace F-4D Final Mission

Ritchie_Richard story7 USAF 50th Anniversary

Ritchie_Richard story8 Military Retirement

Ritchie_Richard story9 Paul Harvey

Ritchie_Richard story10 Starfighters

Robbins_Michael story1 Friday the 13th

Rodwell_Joseph story1 My Libya F-4 Ejection

Rodwell_Joseph story2 Phil Flammer & the Lafayette Escadrille

Rodwell_Joseph story3 45th Reunion of the Class of 1964

Rodwell_Joseph story4 The Fighter Pilot

Rodwell_Joseph story5 Random Thoughts on Libya

Rodwell_Joseph story6 The Gazette's All-Time Air Force Football Team

Rodwell_Joseph story7 1963 Nebraska Football Program

Rodwell_Joseph story8 Who is Jack Schitt?

Rodwell_Joseph story9 Gone But Not Forgotten

Running_Nels Story1 How I Got to the Zoo

Running_Nels Story2 Photos

Sakahara_William story1 Mandatory Chapel

Sakahara_William story2 Memories of Vietnam

Salzarulo_Raymond story1 Further Details

Sampson_Kenneth Story1 Sampson Evaluation

Sampson_Kenneth Story2 A B-52 Bomber Mid-Winter's Night Dream

Sampson_Kenneth Story3 The B-52 Bomber Wheelwell Door

Sieg_William story1 My Sandy Rescue Mission

Sieg_William story2 The Navy Goat Story

Spoon_Donald story2 Shootdown Story

Stewart_James story1 It Was the Worst SAMI

Stutz_Leroy story1 It's A Small World

Stutz_Leroy story2 Thoughts On America

Stutz_Leroy story3 The Perils of Command

Sullivan_John story1 An Early Memory

Taylor_Anthony story1 Killing Boys

Till_Thomas story1 Raleigh Garcia and China

Till_Thomas story2 My Predecessor’s Parting Shot

Till_Thomas story3 Sansom & Richter in Saigon

Till_Thomas story4 Harvey Wallender in New York

Till_Thomas story5 Bill Dickey in Washington

Trent_Alan story1 Further Details

VerStreate_James story1 The Ground Hogging Thud

VerStreate_James story2 Thud Bailout

Wagner_Frederick story1 Persistence Isn't Always a Virtue

Wagner_Frederick story2 Titan Missle Adventures

Wagner_Frederick story3 Space-A Travel - An Adventure!

Walsh_Thomas story1 1000 Missions

Wells_Rodney story1 Honor Award Returned

White_James story1 Further Details

Williams_David story1 Further Details

Wolfe_Thad story1 My Career Summary

Wolfe_Thad story2 My Photos

Zavacki_Francis story1 Honoring Fran Zavacki

Zopolis_Nicholas story1 Further Details
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